Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Buzz Shout Outs

My one or two visitors (Scott or Dad) may or may not notice (like a haircut) that this blog is looking FABULOUS! I was going to wait to do a major self-promotion blast, as I will be reverting this domain name over to in the next week or so, however before that happens, I want to give a major thank you and shout out to a certain 'Bug at Rainy Day Design Templates, for the chic makeover. I could not be happier, and it could not have been easier working with her!

Thank you so much Ellie, I could not be happier! If your blog needs a fresh new look, scootch your browser over to her site and just try to pick a template. I dare you.

This blog received the "fashion" tag, as it falls in the category of fashion, blog fashion. A very real part of the fashion industry.


Natalie Michele said...

absolutely love the new look of your blog! :) ...must say I am a bit jealous ;)

Erin said...

I take no credit other than finding the site! She does such cute templates, it was hard to choose. I am glad you like!