Friday, October 14, 2016

Week two and what we've been up to

Other than just getting settled into our new place, and Scott into his new job, Henry and I have been off adventuring each day, some days more exciting than others of course.

We have visited several parks that are in walking distance from our house--Lincoln Park (many visits), Stanton Park, a local elementary school's park, and a greenbelt that someone dropped a toddler climbing structure and playhouse onto that's near the Eastern Market. I can't get over the greenery here--everything is so well, watered...probably from the abundant moisture in the air. Fall is my favorite season and getting to fully embrace it this year has been dreamy.

Wearing that hat with pride! May not be making friends as fast, but whatevs.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
It's been 18 years (OMG) since I first visited D.C. as an eighth grader, and while I don't remember the details of the Smithsonians, I do recall being amazed by what they housed. So far, Henry and I have visited the Air and Space Museum twice, and I can't wait to take him to Natural History. The kid loves space and planets and planes and the fact that it requires the subway to get there is icing on his cupcake.

Walking, walking, walking
I'm SO glad I brought our stroller out here because we are doing a lot of walking--to the store, to the subway, to the park--and I'm pretty sure Henry thinks every walk is just another opportunity to collect sticks, rocks, and acorns- a new favorite. So in an effort to make it to our destinations same day, he's been put back in the BOB and everyone is happier because of it. We can go farther faster, and the city is actually really stroller friendly, and frankly, it's such an awesome way to take in the sights and scenery. He's also a big fan of bombing the bricked and pot-holed sidewalks on his balance bike if we need to go anywhere!

Pinching myself that this is our neighborhood. And I'm told Halloween is off the hook! So happy to hear that!

I can't believe I'm going to publicly admit this, but I drove for the third time in fourteen days today--and on TWO highways no less--to go to Trader Joe's. (If it isn't abundantly clear that I am a brand/store slave, be it known now.) It's a total trip for me every time we walk down the street and the Capitol pops into view, or in today's case, drive next to the Washington Monument, across the Potomac, and can see the White House and Lincoln Memorial out the window, and I love that Henry is genuinely excited by it as well. I have a feeling the surprise and delight won't go away during our time here.

Also, driving today had me like:

I was only honked at once, and rerouted three times en route (those roundabouts!) BUT, I did do my research first and found the TJ's that had parking, so that was a win.

I've now been to three grocery stores-Safeway, Harris Teeter, and Trader Joe's. The two former are like any mainstream grocery store out west, though I don't know if I have picked the wrong days or times to go, but they seem to constantly be restocking (like, heavily). Maybe it's the demand of the large population? In my feeble brain I thought the bulk of that was done during the graveyard shift.

In closing, we ended our week as any new residents should--with an inaugural visit to the local cupcakery. It was no Patty's Cakes but Henry enjoyed his treat.

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