Sunday, October 23, 2016

Resident Tourists: The West Wing

While we missed the watching the final debate and most of the abysmal Dodger game last Wednesday night, we had a good excuse--we enjoyed a personal tour of the West Wing, courtesy of Scott's boss.

Frankly, I think it was time better spent rather than being frustrated by the potential POTUS's banter, and instead being in the professional wing of the current President's quarters! 

I was a bit bummed to learn there are no photos allowed inside the West Wing or the Rose Garden, so any included here are in the permitted areas only-primarily the press briefing room and outside the offices. 

This tour can easily be filed under "Is This Real Life?" in my filing cabinet of life. Walking among the halls where the highest level of movers and shakers in our government make decisions in times of war and peace is quite sobering. Seeing the Oval Office, Cabinet Room, Roosevelt Room, and the door (yes, only the door, not the inside) of the Situation Room was mind boggling too. Also interesting of note is a Club 33-esque members-only private dining room, The Navy Mess, that looks to be FANCY and I'm scheming as to how I can get an invite. This girl needs a lovely ladies lunch every once in a while!

Outside the entrance to the West Wing (!!!)

While we can't dine in the Navy Mess, we were able to help ourselves to some presidential styrofoam cups and water. Pretty sure these will remain on prominent bookshelf status moving forward.

Professionally speaking, this was probably the coolest spot to me that we checked out.
I'd like to think Henry warmed up this stage for Bill Murray who would crash a press briefing the next day with his World Series thoughts. Obviously, he was right!

Like the West Wing itself, this room was quite small, and I imagine it times of tension, could feel like a shoebox when anyone at that podium is being grilled by the press.

Ribbon Cutting scissors for the opening of the press room...I would have guessed they would have been grander!

The following photos are from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which is next to the West Wing, and houses the offices for White House staff. The West Wing is actually pretty small hence the majority of the offices being housed in this building.

Hot mic!

You give him the head seat at a beautiful table along with official White House cup of water and he thinks he's the boss.


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