Monday, October 3, 2016

My First Trip to Target

Our new home is smaller than our last, but with a different arrangement of rooms and as such, I didn't bring (or already have) every little thing knowing we could replace and replenish items with a quick Target run after moving in.

So, as I am learning my way around this new city and it's shopping opportunities, I knew I had to familiarize myself with the local Target. The closest one to us is about 5 miles away, and while I entertained the idea of going as a family (i.e., Scott driving), I knew I had to put on my big girl pants and figure out navigating this city on my own.

Sunday seemed like a good day since there would be an absence of working traffic (and we really needed more than one container of handsoap), so I set out late afternoon on the journey. There is no denying that driving is different here. The streets are in grids which feels normal, but then they are bisected by diagonal ones as well which totally throws off my internal compass and really makes me scrutinize which signals and signs apply to me.

I found Target without too many issues thanks to my GPS which I'm pretty sure will be my crutch this entire stay, and realized upon arriving at my destination, is that we are no longer in the land of parking lots anymore. People schlep to and from stores (also, BYOB--bring your own bags!) and if they drive, have to hoof it from wherever they score a parking spot. (Subtheme: California is the land of convenience.) While the traffic wasn't too bad on the streets, people were home enjoying their Sundays and hence the closest parking spot I found was about a half mile away. Normally I don't mind walking but being pregnant and tired from unpacking and knowing what was on my list, I knew I had to be strategic about what I would ultimately be buying. I briefly considered just going home since I really shouldn't be lifting or carrying anything but I'd come all the way and needed to get through the list.

And, oh this list. Things that are really best carried in a shopping cart from the checkout to one's car:

  • Hamper
  • Kitchen trash can
  • Bathroom trash can 
  • Cat litter (thank goodness for lightweight varieties...I could still see the wagging finger of certain friends and family though for carting this one!)
  • Cat food
  • Shower curtain liner
  • Shower curtains
  • Toilet paper
  • Kleenex
  • Peanut butter
  • Handsoap
  • Candle
  • A jack-o-lantern trick or treat candy holder for Henry (because by now, I highly doubted I'd be returning before Halloween*)
Target realization number two came upon entering the store, which is part of a mall-like building including a Bed Bath and Beyond, Sports Authority, and other large stores. I realized how lucky I had it in Fullerton (or So Cal, really) to take my pick of the Targets I'd like to visit, because they are not all created equal. 

The store was multi-level and I'm learning that alcohol is separated from everything else and you pay for it separately...haven't figured out why yet. Here, you were suggested to do self-check out if you had no alcohol and the line was crazy long, likely because those self-check out kiosks are THE WORST and never work properly. So, I ignored the worker and stayed in line for a human being to ring me up. Plus, other people were doing it and if Scott has taught me anything it's that I don't have to always follow the rules. 

After successfully arranging my purchases to make the hike back to the car, I wish I had been able to take a picture of myself, as I saw my reflection in store windows and really knew I looked idiotic. I put all of the trash cans in the hamper along with the tp Kleenex, and remembered one shopping bag and made everything else fit inside that, as well as the trick-or-treat pumpkin. All that remained was holding the litter and of course, my purse.

I made it home in one piece, going a different route--the one that required no more than two turns--took a little longer but it took me right next to the Washington Monument and adjacent to the Capitol Building. It's surreal to think that driving by those landmarks is our new normal now, and I really look forward to visiting them and explaining their significance to Henry as we adventure into our new city.  Also, I don't foresee that "quick Target runs" are a thing here unless you live across the street and are really going in for just a pack of gum. With my reduced visits maybe this will actually be a financial win!

*So I realize how elitist I sound that I will only shop at Target for certain items--clearly they are available at other stores, and I will now be either buying them online or of course, patronizing these other drug stores even though it feels so wrong.


Jen said...

Look at you, blogging already!

I can't wait to keep up with you on here, and I'm so excited to hear about your new adventures.

So this entire scenario is EXACTLY how I pictured it would go for you. HAHAHAHHA! And me too, if it was me living there! We are SO SPOILED, right?!

Anyway, I sense that Amazon Subscribe and Save may solve MANY of these problems, especially after baby comes! But carve out some time to hit up that Target at LEAST once a month?! I just virtual stalked your address, and you ARE close to everything! SO VERY EXCITING. You're literally 15 minutes away from my office in DC, and about an hour and a half metro ride from my in-laws! So basically, I can't wait to see you next time I'm in town!

Erin said...

Yes! I agree that Amazon Subscribe or some variation of one of the other companies that do it will be really beneficial in keeping the routine items stocked.

And yes we are definitely hooking up the next time you are here-heck you could probably show me around after visiting for nine years!

Unknown said...

Love reading about your Sunday adventures, yes I call it an adventure ... because I bet you're likely to have the most adrenaline rushing and exciting times doing what used to be mundane tasks. Thanks for honestly documenting your experience! I can't wait to read more! xoxo.