Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A 3 Year Analysis

Today marks three years of marriage for the mister and me. While we certainly aren't perfect, it's been some of the easiest three years of my life. I thought it might be cheeky to do an analysis of where we are now if aliens were watching our home as anthropological study.

1. We never go to the movies. I finally figured out why-we don't ever want to see the same films. Thankfully we've got Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings to keep us together on nights in. And Aragon.

2. Our roles are very gender typical. I cook, clean, grocery shop, and take care of the cat. He does yard work, fixes things for me, and works late into the night.

3. The neighborhood (and aliens) may think we are poor examples of young people today, since we sit on the porch drinking wine and whiskey, enjoying cigars, mowing the lawn with shirts off, and watering with shirts too low (I had a bathing suit on though.)

4. We eat like kings. I am tooting my own horn here, but he revealed to me that he looks forward to what dinner will be each night-even if it is only taco night.

5. We watch entirely too much Law & Order, yet sometimes discover an episode unseen.

6. There is a lot of love, even through disagreements about the speed at which emails should be responded to.

Happy anniversary Scott! Thanks for three glorrrrious years!


John said...

Happy Anniversary!!

John said...

from your Aunt Barbara:
Happy 3 years of wedded bliss!!

Kelly said...

yay!! Congrats

Twinkle Toes said...

love this. happy happy anniversary.