Friday, September 16, 2011

Hola, Buenos Dias

For our third anniversary, we ventured to our neighbors to the south, Mexico, specifically the Maya Riviera in Cancun. In a word: humid. In a second word: awesome.

We took nearly 200 pictures and thought it was an awesome trip. I am lacking the motivation to really post that much on here, mostly due to the fact this blogging platform's picture posting is crappy . Blogger-you really need a gallery function. Thus, consider this post a snapshot of the trip. If anyone who comes across this wants more info on anything, I'm happy to share.

Day 1:
We arrived in the late afternoon and used the evening to check out the amenities at the hotel, Secrets Maroma:



We were lucky enough to go during a promotion so our room was upgraded from partial ocean view to full ocean view.

The main drag of the hotel had these shallow "foot pools" with lounge furniture and table games.

Pool and beach.

Party people, first night there and we're playing Jenga, followed by a Fire and Ice dance show.

Day 2:
Eat, drink and be merry.

Like I said, humid.

Day 3
We took a day trip to Chichen Itza, newly added to the list of the wonders of the world, and even if it were not, a marvel to visit. It also calmed my fears to listen to the residents see 12/21/12 as no big deal. Thank goodness, I have started mentally planning my 30th for 2014.

Blue agave/crucial future margarita ingredient.

Pit stop after 2 hours in a bus with half the tour in French and half in English. I actually enjoyed it because it reminded us how much we need to learn a second language, since the rest of the world speaks more than one.

We have arrived. Like I said above, a marvel to see and a trip to learn about the culture.

Commemorating the human sacrifices made...quite eerie.

Following a 2.5 hour tour of Chichen Itza (and about 35 photos of the ruins, pool where the dead bodies were thrown, and vendor stands selling apocalypse shirts) we moved on to lunch at a local restaurant. It wasn't that good. I'm all for authentic Mexican food, but this was buffet and not that great. But we did get entertainment. Love me some ballet folklorico. I left high marks on the survey following the tour with the needs improvement in that lunch. After refueling, it was onto a cenote, pools from underground rivers that meet salt water from the ocean forming a crystal clear estuary. We climbed down about 50 feet to reach the cave and swim for a bit, as well as take a brief venture into a VERY claustrophobic cave that had a tortuga, Maria and Christo formed by stalactites inside. Tips requested.

Day 4:
I am not known for my driving skills. It's rather embarassing in real vehicles as well as K1 speed racing go carts. Scott wanted to go ATVing, so I knew what my plan would be bringing up the rear. So, while the rest of the group nearly popped wheelies, I followed as the caboose only speeding when it was a very clear and long path ahead of me, instead of the other twisting and turning through blind corners in the jungle.

After charging hills and mud, we came upon another cenote for swimming.

Crystal clear waters with strict instructions about not using it as a bathroom.

Awkward ATV photo of the year.

After the half day activity, we returned back to the resort for the real reason for vacation:

Endless drinks by the pool.

As if, we were boring Americans and had cheese burgers and fries.
The late afternoon storm moved us to the deck where we continued the theme of libations through Crown Royale's on the rocks for the mister, and a revolving array of Champagne, mojito's, Chardonnay, and margaritas for me. And quoting my new friend Tina Fey. Oh man that book is hilarious.


Dinner of fennel roasted chicken and rib eye steak.

Day 5
Day four is also known as the day we wish we had a do-over for. More than one person suggested we visit Xel-Ha, as did every other bilboard there. Xel-Ha is a natural water preserve where people probably have a great time if they don't have access to Wild Rivers or Disneyland at their fingertips any time of the year. For us, the lazy river was nice (when you weren't going to be decapitated by the mangroves) but the snorkeling was better in the cenotes or standing at the beach, and the zip lining, cliff diving, Blackbart's Cave adventure was not our cup of tea and I didn't want to pay 1 million pesos for swimming with dolphins or manatees.

That aside, we did check out another site of ruins, Tulum. Again, it was hot and humid. So hot and humid we sat down in the shade and watched iguanas fight, ignore, and sun for the last 30 minutes of the tour. However, still a site to behold, and if my memory serves me correctly, one of the only remaining coastal ruins sites.

Best item I took-that hat. It's in nearly every photo but I don't have a head sunburn that looks like dandruff.

Xel-Ha lagoon for snorkeling.

Day 6

Book 2/3 for the trip, Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Day 7
Departure day. We spent the morning on the beach and in the pool, and then lines, lines, and more lines flying from Cancun to Dallas to Los Angeles. Welcome home, Haseltons!

Story of our travels: show passport, go through underwear, discover maple leaves and/or marijuana. Ok, welcome back to the US, grab luggage.

*Shout outs to both of our parents for this trip-Cratons for taking us at 5 a.m. and picking us up, and Haseltons for Oliver sitting. THANK YOU!!!

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