Sunday, July 31, 2011

LA Risen.

LA Rising: Amazing. Bananas. Epic. Unreal. Dreamy.

Rise Against-and nowhere near the capacity this would be in a few hours.

Muse. Oh Muse and your melodies, performances, talent. Awing. Plus your fans are just so cool too. I'd feel safe in that pit. Love me some Rage, but no way Jose.

Mr Zach de la Rocha and that little band of his, Rage Against the Machine. (Shout out to my 8th grade desk buddy Brendan Haro, who introduced me to all of the rock band leaders thanks to his binder's gallery. Every day was a test of who's who. I didn't contribute much on my end with probably a photo of Devon Sawa.)

I took several videos but I could have had 4 kids, put them through college and marriage, become a grandparent before they would have uploaded.

Trust me, the performances were great. I could have done without the social agenda commentary but I've also been to my fair share of Blink 182 concerts and those guys yak it up more than sing. Comes with the territory I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

Dude. You were in the SAME EXACT SECTION AS US. HAHAHAHA! We were in the third row up from the floor though...I'm sad I didn't see you! We got there pretty late (Rise Against was almost done by the time we got to our seats), but that show was WAY bananas!