Sunday, July 10, 2011

Christmas in July

My in-laws were able to capitalize on their Christmas present-an afternoon of sailing (and a lesson if we wished) on the high seas in Redondo Beach. It was not our first time on a boat, but for a few, the first time sailing.

Our ride: a 28 footer:

Our instructor was Ann from Jersey. She helped the only one of us who chose to participate while the rest of us enjoyed the ride:
Frank commanded the ship like a seasoned professional.

We saw plenty of sea lions, some leaping fish, and kelp beds.

We feasted on roast beef and salami peperonata sandwiches, cannoli, wine, and Perrier. Sidenote: I went to my favorite Italian market for the meat, cheese, cannoli, and bread. That place is like a museum. I salivate looking at the deli cases, wines, and marinating goodies. So so good. If you are near Anaheim, check it out-Cortina's Italian Market. It's practically a landmark to the city and first employer to my fellow high school comrades.

My favorite boat. Classy, a touch of pirate, and clean lines.

Back on flat water and only pale green. Scott was a trooper sans sweater.

The crew. Ahoy!

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