Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finding Bigfoot

I have some unnatural fears that include supernatural creatures-aliens being one, and bigfoot during my childhood. Trueblood has made vampires acceptable. The bigfoot fear has not necessarily been brought back to life but my curiosity of the science behind his existence. And hallelujia there is now a show DEDICATED to finding this hairy man/ape (bear/pig?) in the Animal Planet series: Finding Bigfoot.

A group of "enthusiastics" named the BFRO-Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization have made it their mission and apparently day job to see this species:

Essentially the team takes reports from around the US and Canada, holds town hall meetings in these remote wilderness towns looking for "squatch sitings." People come forward, and then they reinact the sitings with the citizens. The reenactments are hilarious. I'd love to be the actor whose agent calls saying "I've got a gig-it requires a large suit and deliberate yet animal-style movements and possible screeching." What a resume highlight.

Of course the reenactments never produce a sasquatch, but the team goes back at night with their night vision goggles, infrared cameras, and motion sensors. Some are even skilled enough to "call" like a bigfoot. I'm not certain as to how they know what they sound like. Occasionally they find more "evidence" (sorry about the amount of Joey Tribbiani quotes here) in large footprints and deer carcasses that according to lead BFRO member, Matt Moneymaker (really??) "are the exact signs of a squatch kill." So we know that bigfoot is a carnivore.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and retreat to my preparation for the Oak Canyon Field trip back in 1992, when we learned about scat and the evidence it provides of the particular animals in the area. Where the heck is the scat BFRO? And where the heck are carcasses of deceased sasquatches? And why have we been to the moon but cannot yet confirm the presence of a bigfoot? My opinion-there's a counterculture opposite of BFRO out there egging them on. Or, in the event they do exist, perhaps they are waiting for a proper JCPenny portrait session.

The show is entertaining and the slightest twig crack insists upon a commercial break. I know Scott loves when I get lucky and its a marathon weekend.

*Apparently the words bigfoot and sasquatch are proper nouns as I've got red squiggle lines everywhere. I will not do them justice but capitalizing.

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Twinkle Toes said...

bigfoot? ridiculous. but the chupacabra? definitely exists.