Sunday, April 17, 2011

Visiting the Classics

I'm not sure what has taken me so long to see these movies, but better late than never. And thank goodness for Netflix.

How fun is this musical? Antebellum America narrated by Judy Garland in song. The days of men in suits at midnight, ladies who have a set of clothing dedicated to dinner...I could go on and on. Where has the class in this country gone?

This is a thriller I can watch alone at night. Suspenseful, zero gore, Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart, and creepy music.

Keeping with the classic movie theme I also rented:

We've actually seen this movie many times. It's a favored book. So favored we named our first cat after steadfast Atticus. I love each one of these characters, the message, everything. It was also my favorite read of all high school literature. (I hope this movie is never remade with Dakota Fanning as Scout. Granted she'd be like 16 but she really was the go-to child actor for a while.)

And finally, another revisit:

Street Car Named Desire is one of the only Tennessee Williams plays I enjoy. In the movie version, you get early Marlon Brando who is quite easy on the eyes, and the gorgeous Vivien Leigh (who really is a better brunette) and the result is a pretty fiery.