Friday, April 15, 2011

There is a first for everything

Today I mowed the lawn.

Not a huge milestone in life, but the fist time I did the task on my own. I realize that women do this and carry water for miles on their heads every day, but I grew up in more of an indoor chore environment.

Scott gave me a quick tutorial in the garage last night and obviously it looked simple enough. I got a few rows in and then the engine started smoking. This was a dilemma. I wanted to finish the task and not have some wonky half mown lawn, yet didn't exactly want to meet my maker via lawn mower explosion. So I did what any sensible girl does. I called my husband. None of my man neighbors were around to help, so I did feel slightly the failure, but hey, I had a smoking lawn mower on the grass-direction was needed. At his direction, I let it sit for about 4 minutes and investigated the situation and found what I believe to be the problem. Fixed it, felt like I should win some kind of blue ribbon and finished.

While its not necessarily a military lawn mow, it suits and will provide a nice foundation for my tenants who are having a garage sale tomorrow.

No photos were taken so as not to increase the dork factor of this experience.


John said...

well, it's not *that* dorky ;-)

Twinkle Toes said...

wait till you get to drive a riding lawn mower! I've actually never pushed one.....i'm okay w/ that.