Thursday, April 28, 2011

If I were Kate

Today I was trying to imagine what Kate Middleton must be feeling on the eve of her wedding. I don't doubt the romance between her and Will, but their wedding really is a dog and pony show for the world. The intimacy is lost when you have 1200 guests from the Queen Mother to Lady Gaga to me at home fast forwarding through my DVR'd Lara Spencer's babbling to get to the good stuff.

Don't get me wrong-I am infatuated with the proceedings and the historical event that is this wedding. Part of me is sad for them-and it could be unnecessarily so-that they won't have a wedding attended by those near and dear, but a political who's-who affair full of dignitaries. Yes, Kate knew what she was signing up for-a public life with a public wedding. I'm sure she's been prepping herself for this day upon their initial courtship.

We all know the English are far more cultured than us Americans and there is likely no garter toss (though I'd love to see the Queen Mother's face during that) and we all know there is no beer. I sincerely hope it's a memorable day for the pair and that they can truly enjoy it, without having to follow 18th century orders during the entire day.

Cheers Will and Kate-I wish you nothing but happiness and I hope you stick to your household sans help and stock the fridge with plenty of Newcastle to make up for the absence on your wedding day.


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