Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Confessions

I have previously blogged about my aversion to serving salads, and while at a work conference this week, I experienced a minor epiphany as to why I believe that is. I am embarrassed to eat salads in front of other people. I feel that the longer leaves of lettuce can splay across one's (my) mouth while eating and then smear my face with dressing. Mind you, I do attempt to cut pieces into managable bites, but sometimes arugula and watercress simply don't lend themselves in their fragile makeup to do that.

Thus, it's no excuse for my lack of salads on the dinner table (though that has significantly improved) it is a reason.

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blucio said...

Cutting up salad leaves is almost unimaginable among the etiquette of French cuisine, but what they do is FOLD the leaves to a size comfortable enough to fit in your mouth without making yourself look ridiculous. It actually works quite well.