Saturday, May 30, 2009


Why do girls where their hair down and dangly earrings to the gym? Doesn't the back of their neck get sweaty? Isn't it a possibility that the earring could catch in a machine and a major ear crisis could ensue?


CLI said...

I love the ones that PURPOSELY wear overly stylish gym ensembles. Is it really necessary to wear matching velour Juicy Couture outfits to the gym?! Appropriate for errand running, maybe, but if you see me at the gym, I'm wearing the most crusty wardrobe ever--old t-shirt and stretchy pants! Oh, hair thrown up in a rat's nest!

Erin said...

I concur! I never look sassy running-more like a hot sweaty mess. It really makes no sense to me!

Traci said...

The best are the full faces of make-up.