Sunday, May 3, 2009


I look forward to the weekends for several reasons:
-sleeping in, naturally (though, sidenote, this has been 730-8 as of late, wth?)
-time with Scott
-marathons on HGTV

My name is Erin and I am addicted to home shows.

There is something about Property Virgins, House Hunters, Sell this House, and even House Hunters International (hi, northern Italy yesterday!) that just have me salivating. I suppose it's just internal longing for a real house complete with yard and a little more privacy than an apartment complex provides, or perhaps the gleaming wood floors and seeing my peers purchasing their first abode. Just a preview for a show will have me planted on the couch for hours (post-workout, thankyouverymuch.)

In terms of the flipping shows, those I will still watch but mostly the people annoy me. They have sage guidance from realtors and other experts who tell them exactly what to do to sell their second mortgage aka the cancerous sore on their financial record, and inevitably, they go the wrong direction and buy $1300 showers with massagers, seats, and pedicure stations. REALLY? While I love the spa, I am comfortable with just a shower head and knobs for controlling the heat.

Anyways, kind of random but I think I am slowly luring the boy into these shows too, or at least the flipping. You can rest assured I especially love the ones where they are in the south :)

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Mrs. ummmmmm......Brownell said...

We are the same way! I love those shows...but I don't like the international ones. It makes me sad that I don't live there, but then I remember I shouldn't be sad because I get to live in SO's a whole thing!