Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California Tarnished

The land of dreams, land of more. What a sad day for civil rights and an abysmal showcase of just how far we have not come in the past 40 years. Really, for what has been deemed a progressive, liberal state, why can't those in office come to terms with the fact that people just want equal rights? Goodness, as a conservative gal myself in terms of fiscal responsibility, I cannot believe that certain individuals take it into their power to deny others one of the most joyous, sacred unions in life. Truly, I have never been more embarrassed to be a Californian. We are falling into bankruptcy and are taking two steps backward in terms of civil rights. I understand there is inequality in the world, but as Americans I thought it was always us who hoped to be the example to the rest of the world. Not so much here.

Why is it so difficult to accept that people are gay? I mean, this is nothing new, it is evident since the beginning of time. Maybe it's not kosher with religious (no pun intended, I am discussing ALL God-fearing entities here) ideals, but surely acceptance and love of all creation is a major theme in most sacred books I know.

I don't quite understand why the courts get to be the all-deciding power in this love war. Who died and put them in charge? I suppose someone has to rule on the appeals originally devised by archaic legislatures, but shouldn't the voice of the people stand for something? Am I mistaken in thinking we live in a democratic republic?

It is exceptionally frustrating to me to see friends stripped of something taken for granted by many. It is refreshing to see other states move forward equality and offer basic civil rights to all mankind. I don't expect everyone in the blogging world to necessarily agree with me, but I would ask you to question within yourself what it would be like to have your right to marry taken away just because it was deemed unnatural.

California's tarnished exterior is making Fiji look a lot more appealing.

*I do not usually like stepping on the political pontification soapbox but today was an exception. I want to point out which side I am on, and the fact that not every GOP member is as right-wing as some of the infamous card holders out there.

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