Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer has arrived

Spring left like a lamb and summer has rolled (roared?) in like a lion. There is most definitely a distinct difference in summer air between So Cal and DC and it is the moisture in the air. The good news is, there is no drought here so I do not feel guilty for taking two showers in one day.

Since the weather is hot and humid, we've been trying to get out in the morning while it's still a reasonable (80 degrees, with 70% humidity-practically the tropics!) temperature, and have made repeat visits to the Botanical Gardens, which Henry loves. He's a big fan of outdoor chores and here in their newly-opened Children's Garden, they offer sweeping, planting, digging, watering--all the gardening jobs that kids love.
We also recently ventured to the National Geographic Museum which currently has a shark exhibit where I learned tiger sharks carry up to 40 pups while pregnant. Had I been on Jeopardy and that the final round, I would have definitely guessed only one or two.

We've visited Henry's preschool friend from Fullerton who moved out to Virginia about a year before we did and enjoyed Star Wars playing (and watching, of course) pool dates and park dates and quite a lot of bike riding around the neighborhood.

My bucket list still includes a trip to the beach, a Nationals Game, and a few other adventure stops in the area when Scott is able to join us!

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