Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Chatting with Henry

As the saying goes, kids say the darndest things!

  1.  "I love chocolate so much, hearts are coming out of my head!"
  2. "Someone in our family isn't here and I miss him so much...(long silence) It's Dad."
  3. While being very mad at me over something: "Go wrap yourself in a mummy!" (We had just been through the mummy exhibit at the Museum of Natural History.)
  4. While I was deep in thought/staring into space: Henry-"What are you looking at, Mom?" Me-"Oh I was just thinking about how I miss working sometimes." Henry-"Oh, I was thinking about how I miss Patty's Cakes." 
  5. Trader Joes Worker-"Maybe you could work here someday!" Henry-"No. Mom, I never want to leave you."
  6. "I love Dad because he cooks good. He makes good scrambled eggs."
  7. Describing some imaginary creatures: "They are very tiny, like little baby lions wearing red sweaters. And they like to fight. They come in through small cracks in the door because they are too little to open the door. They are called Sams."
  8. While determined to learn to whistle (after trying for about 2 minutes): "Mom, can you just put some whistles inside my mouth?!?"
That's our boy!

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