Monday, May 29, 2017

Wrapping up May

May has drawn to a close with a fast and furious bang.

We were fortunate to snag tickets to the Hirshhorn Museum's Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors exhibit, which was a total trip. Henry was particularly amazed by the exhibits, particularly the pumpkin one, of which there is no photo evidence because I am a rule follower through and through.

We also visited Great Falls National Park after several suggestions from neighbors and Scott's coworkers. I am not sure if it's a regional difference, but as you can see from the photos, the rapids were impressive, but I was expecting the water to be pouring off from a bit higher elevation. It was a beautiful drive and certainly worth a repeat visit for the trails and picnicking opportunities.

I was quite surprised when we received not one but two invitations to birthday parties this month, the first of which being Scott's coworker's four-year-old son, who had his party at Roer's Zoofari, a zoo/petting zoo/animal "experience" in suburban Virginia. We walked around feeding various farm animals, monkeys, meerkats, and even a giraffe. There is also a bus that takes you through large gated area (think Wild Animal park but MUCH smaller scale) allowing you to feed and touch bison, llamas, emus-the perfect party for a four-year-old and all of his classmates...and one new kid who was ready to be his best friend.
Holding the budgies was a pretty cool experience, until one flapped onto my head. No photo evidence in that flurry of a moment!
The Haselton ladies drove up to PA to surprise Scott's cousin Melisa for her birthday over Memorial Day weekend, and meet up with her parents/his aunt and uncle who were in from California. We had a great time celebrating the birthday girl and taking in the local wildlife on the way home-a slowpoke snapping turtle going the wrongway on the road.

We spent Memorial Day reflecting at the Reflecting Pool and visiting the memorials and monuments along the National Mall during the morning and bubbles and bike riding in our backyard in the afternoon-the only thing missing was an actual barbecue...but we got plenty of whiffs from our neighbors! Methinks one will find its way onto our patio in the very near future.
May also brought days at the park, an intense lighting and thunder show, a first visit to the National Building Museum, and ladies wine night with my neighbors. In the coming weeks we are looking forward to a visit from both sets of grandparents and even friends from home. Yay summer!

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