Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May Days

I sound like a broken record when I say the days are flying by and May is already half over!

Josephine is six months old and while her sleeping habits leave something to be desired, she's a really sweet gal. She absolutely adores her brother, and has just started sitting up and scooting/army crawling everywhere. She's very interested in the world around her yet has a pretty hard time letting me out of her sight. My hands and heart are full!
In early May we went to the National Cathedral for the Flower Mart, a festival of flowers, boutique shopping, and children's activities. Henry had a ball playing games and of course, in the bounce house. We even ran into a California connection I'd been meaning to connect with, randomly!

On our weekly grocery trips into Alexandria on the George Washington Parkway, we pass by Daingerfield Island, and I have been meaning to stop for months. I finally pulled the trigger and it was a perfect little jaunt for Henry-geese, boats, planes taking off from Ronald Reagan, and the DC skyline in the distance.

We've enjoyed dinner dates with our neighbors, and playdates with Henry's closest friend out here :)
There have been shenanigans and rainy days...

And a pretty great Mother's Day, complete with a charcuterie picnic and strawberry picking.


...and the cutest little farm house you ever did see!

I love the way Josephine looks at and loves her brother :)
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