Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Chatting with Henry

I wish I was able to record or transcribe everything that this kid says, but doing so while driving and multitasking makes it difficult. BUT, I am trying to get better at voice memos to help me remember the sweet thoughts and conclusions he draws each day. Hope those that know and miss this boy enjoy.

1. "Where are my guys?" (Referring to his dad and Grandpas after their respective visits.)

2. "Mom, what are we doing on Earth?"

3. While learning about clocks and telling time...
    Scott: "What time is it?"
    Henry: "Party time!"

4. "Mom, how has your day been on Earth?" (These deep, philosophical questions, I tell ya!)

5. When talking about seasons changing, leaves falling and being raked up...
    Henry: "Mom, can I jump in the red leaves at home?"
    Me: "Well, I think most of the leaves have been raked up and thrown away, buddy."
     Henry: (Genuinely defeated) "Well that's sad to hear."

6. Henry: "Mom, are you a girl?"
    Me: "I'm a grown-up girl, called a woman or a lady."
    Henry: "Mom, are you Wonder Woman?"

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Deb M said...

Yes, you are Wonder Woman! Claim it while they think so. I love their comments at this age.