Saturday, August 6, 2011

Welcome to Medieval Times

I am almost 30 and I finally went to Medieval Times. I'm not sure why I had not gone up until now-it's in the theme park backyard that is Orange County. Better late than never.

We went in celebration of this guy's birthday:

Happy birthday Harrison!

The place is huge. I had no idea they had so much space-gift shop, dance hall(?), arena for the show, and bar. Kerri enjoyed a brew as her aperitif.

As you can see, we were assigned the red and yellow knight-can you say GRYFFINDOR!!!???

I did.

The whole thing is very kisch. I joked that the staff were cut from the Disneyland auditions but Scott was quick to point out they were more of the Ren Faire enthusiasts so perhaps its a dream position. Those serfs loved their "m'lords and m'ladies" greetings.

The food is served during the show, and as the guests watching you are to eat as the medieval kingdom commoners did-sans utensils. Since we are on our vegetarian diet for the month, I had looked ahead to see what the meal would be-stuffed portobellos, hummus and pita chips, and roasted vegetables--and we even had a knife and fork-HAH! Vegetarians were/are clearly civilized.

Our knight very gallantly died (thankfully, not first) but it was not the end of his flowing mane-the meet and greet at the end complete with DJ playing Usher allowed us the opportunity to catch up on the past few centuries.

Happy birthday, Harrison!

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