Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weddings and Whatnot

The last wedding on our social calendar (at this time) was this weekend, another high school friend couple tied the knot: congrats Ryan and Ruthie!

The groom awaiting his bride.

Here she is! Super fabulous and quite fashion forward.

Gratuitous picture of Scott's new suit, looking quite sharp.


High school reunion-5 of the 16 that I know.

The dancing at this trumped anything I had up my sleeve. Serious moves. I'm talking bridesmaids doing the worm. I was shocked and yet entertained. Good times.

Our new tenant is moving in tomorrow so today was full of back breaking yard work. I am trying to convince Scott to go to Red Lobster tonight (thanks to his grandma for the gift card for his bday-perk of marriage, side benefit!) as I really am not up to cooking or dish washing tonight.

And with that, I congratulate Ryan and Ruthie and also reflect that 9 years ago today I graduated high school. Scott asked me what I would tell my old self and it would be to properly pronounce "niche" which in my grad speech I said "neesh."

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