Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tastebuds Changing

I'm feeling the effects of aging. I know people will roll their eyes at that seeing as I'm still under the 30 mark, but it's true, and I would guess natural.

The most noticeable are simply what I like to eat. Until recently-huge pasta fan. Pour some pasta on me-any meal. I don't hate it now, but if Scott hasn't noticed, it's not made it into one of the weekly meals in a while. Part of me is limiting the carb intake the other part of me is just not satisfied with it. I'm becoming unintentionally picky.

Other items I hated as a kid and welcome in my life now-mustard, olives, mushrooms, salad, and nuts-which is shocking. However, nuts are not permitted in my sweets. Brownies and cookies (I haven't gone off the deep end here) are always better sans nuts. I like a satisfying, chewy bite. No crunch.

I've also felt the effects of my body craving really good quality food-simply fruits and vegetables. My coworker, Leah who brings a salad everyday, is probably crying with joy upon hearing that her finger shaking at me is getting somewhere.

I forgot my lunch yesterday and where I live--there are AMPLE options for lunch. More and more I just don't want a) to spend $10 on a sandwich and b) don't want the sandwich anyway. Generally, I make my lunch-string cheese, apple, carrot sticks, almonds, etc. I'm not trying to eat diet food but it does satisfy me and I don't feel disgusted with myself after. It does require planning and because of the Father's Day parties last weekend my shopping trip was unusual and I did not plan for the week's midday meals, so next week should be better.

The other body changing factor-my skin. It's actually regressing. I've felt like a 13 year old as of late. Not cool.

And lastly, I can never be the wino I once was. Mom and dad, rest assured, your daughter is no lush, but I could enjoy several glasses of wine without feeling the effects. Now? Two glasses and you better sip 'em slowly Erin.

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