Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night Pensieve

What a week. Friday night is drawing to a close and I find it just simply easier to bullet point what went on and what is upcoming.
  • Work is insanely crazy, the I'm-going-to-faint-I-am-so-hungry-it's-3:00-and-I-havent-had-lunch-yet crazy. Big event this week and next.
  • Going to get a massage tomorrow. Sweet Jesus I can't wait.
  • Atticus is driving us crazy at night. He is ripping up the bottom of the bed and I have no idea how to solve this behavior of his.
  • Still nothing on the house front, though considering the idea of a duplex. We shall see.
  • Had a great dinner tonight with old friends, affectionately known as my Asian posse. They know, it's ok, even if it sounds politically incorrect in the blogging world. We even went to a Vietnamese restaurant, so I was the minority.
  • I think I exercised once this week. That is very bad.
  • I dreamed I was arrested last night because I broke into Scott's hotel room. But then he was also the cop. It was like a major conspiracy of sorts. All day I was paranoid because of this damn dream.
  • I entered a contest for the "Ellen" show on Tuesday. She tweeted asking if a kid in your house was a Harry Potter nut, to let her know. So I did. I am someone's kid, even if I don't live in their house anymore. I think a 7-year-old and I in a face-off over HP trivia is daytime tv gold. Wouldn't you? That would totally beat Oprah on one of her lamer book club days. I'd throw that 2nd grader under the bus if it meant a first edition set, or you know, to win the Sorting Hat and be proclaimed Harry Potter Queen of the Day (Year, preferably).
  • Some people believe life on earth is about doing good things and making it a great place for those who live here after us, walking with various deities, etc. I am really starting to believe it's about developing an extreme amount of patience and tolerance for the idiots in the world. Truly, I find my happy place (Fiji, if you're interested) about 12876 times a day. Is that what it's all about?
Fin. Time for a glass of wine. But only a glass. I know not to be an imbicile I must drink wine like Jesus-one glass is probably enough.

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