Friday, March 5, 2010


As a daily ritual each morning, I ask Scott how he slept the night before and after we discuss the level of REM achieved, I dive into explaining my crazy dreams, that sometimes have me waking in sweat, or convinced their are aliens in our home.

I've decided to start a dream journal because some of these feel so real, I think it would be interesting to write them down as a reference, because so often I find that I have encore dreams, but that simply could be to thinking about them all day.

Perhaps I can blame FaceBook, but I have had several lately that include high school friends, who are often featured more than one night. A particularly vivid one involved a friend's mother who recently passed who explained how wonderful her daughter was and how blessed she was to have her. It was the kind of thing I thought about all day since it felt so real.

Other times, the dreams are simply out there. Last night, John Mayer made an appearance, and while I can chalk it up to his recent news coverage, it's still boggling. I've already told Kerri about an outlandish dream in which her and Rob adopt a little girl who fell off a truck with many other babies into the ocean (?), and they saved her. They decided to have a party in her honor at a local park in which my dad was barraging me to do a duet on stage with my aunt. Sometimes all I can do is laugh when I wake up.

Scott does not remember his dreams in the morning. It's funny to me how some people like myself can recall these crazy details as one dream transitions into another, and yet, he and others like him, have seem to have taken the Dreamless Sleep Potion (sometimes, I just can't resist HP references, yes I am a nerd.)

I haven't purchased any dream decoding books yet, because I am not really looking for symbolism; I can generally connect the dots to what I've seen and heard throughout the day to what appears at night. The tangled webs they weave are what fascinate me.

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