Saturday, April 18, 2009

Glamour Dont's

I love fashion. I love all things girly and soaking up the magazines showcasing "looks for less" and browsing the multitude of virtual shopping online-no public, and I can take as long as I want. Today, I went to South Coast Plaza with Kerri and we both basically went hog wild in J. Crew (though surprisingly neither of us left with a purchase, just utter salivation). That store has it down. Such chic pieces at an amazing quality. However, that amazing quality comes with quite the price tag, so I'll have to start recycling to claim some piggy bank funds for those items.

It is interesting to watch the trends that are brought around each season and how quickly they take, or don't take, or I just don't get personally. Spring 09 is no exception. The items below are lingerers from several seasons ago and they just seem to keep gaining momentum and are plowing me over as they steam forward. Let's see the visuals:

Exhibit A
The Chunky Gladiator Platform Mess

As my friend Leah would say, God Bless America. This has to be the ugliest shoe I have ever seen in my life. Bondage for the foot. I vomit a little in my mouth when women wear these puppies. Really? Maybe I really missed the boat on this one because they are just everywhere, but truly I cannot see their appeal. They are harsh, too strappy, and far too chunky. If you want to join my revolt I might just make a Facebook group.

Exhibit B
Ugg Boots Paired with Mini Skirts in Southern California
(yes, it's a combination item and a quasi stretch but this the beauty of MY blog.)

(Image found doing a Google search with the title "Ugg boots and mini skirts" and ironically, I found the caption reading that they NEVER go together. Hallelujia, I have the makings of an army.)

Southern California is widely known for its 70 degree weather 12 months of the year, and only slight variations either way. It is completely illogical to me, and a total contradiction, when I see girls prancing around in these special boots and denim mini skirts. Really? It's a desert climate. We have the San Clemente haven that makes Rainbows. And a variety of other cute shoes-flip flops, wedges, flats! Why this combination? It is madness I say!

This is why little girls are doing it! American Girl dolls! Stop the madness!

I agree that one should wear items that make them happy and express their personality. However, I always think one should ask before leaving the house and always after consulting a mirror, "What would Stacy and Clinton say?" If you can't answer that and/or don't know who they are, please, go with a safe, known option. Thank me later.

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