Sunday, April 26, 2009

Adventures in Produce

I am a sucker for The Food Network, especially Giada, Rachael, Ina, and Paula, though all for different reasons. I have seen Giada and Rachael both use leeks quite a bit in their cooking and thought it was high time to try it myself. I enjoy Rachael's recipes for their speed. Though I haven't nailed it to the 30 minute mark, I'm pretty close, and her Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti was my closest attempt to the touchdown time.

When I purchased the leeks at Henry's I could smell them all the way home. They were fragrantly spicy, comparable to arugula. I washed them according to their protocol for ridding dirt (kudos to Henry's, there was almost none.) Since the recipe is made up entirely of mushrooms and leeks, and having not eaten them to my knowledge, I was curious what sort of flavor they would add. I have to admit I thought it would be more noticeable, but on the converse, it was quite mild. They certainly added color to an otherwise bland looking though flavor-packed recipe. I thoroughly enjoyed the thin giant, and will certainly look for ways to incorporate it into my cooking again.

PS if you have any interest in the recipe, I used angel hair pasta for its delicate nature-awesome decision!

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