Sunday, March 15, 2009

Time Flies

A year ago today we had our engagement party. It was cold, blustery, but filled with fun :) And since I did not blog at that time, it seems fitting to do it today.

Abbie looking for a libation, with Audra and Kerri in the background.

Professional corn dog maker....yes, professional. That machine makes cameos at business events and family parties-where will it be next!?! And will you be there!?

Tim and Scott, sharing a brew.

Opening sweet and thoughtful gifts

My BFF bride Kerri (January 16!) and dear Janae

Courtney aka Corinthia and Stephen, aka Esteban. You hang out with me long enough you will get a nickname. Problem is if you are ok with it or not. It will most likely just stick.

Our next September bride, Ashley!

Such a fun day, I cannot believe a year has passed. I am a very blessed girl with husband and dear friends.

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