Saturday, March 7, 2009

An Open Letter to Sacramento

Dear Elected Officials:

I thank you for your time and dedication to serving your respective constituencies throughout California. It is a job I would neither care to do, or devote my time to. However, now is the time to put the lobbyists and special favors to your benefactors aside. I don't want to hear any more "we needs" and "we shoulds" that is your political pontification of promises. Now is the time to take action to keep businesses in California, before they make their way to Galt's Gulch. You are in office to take care of this situation, take to it.

It is evident that I come from a side of the spectrum that does not believe in handouts. To me, the solution is easy. Trim the fat. Trim the excess handouts. It is not fair that the money I make, to support my family in Orange County, is taken and given to people who cannot afford their lifestyle. My good decisions should not benefit those who made poor decisions. Additionally, when someone is termed out, don't create a bogus position for them that pays $500k a year and only meets once a month. How can you even ethically do that? Leave Sacramento and come earn an honest living with the rest of your beloved former constituency.

The amount of time you are taking to resolve this epic dilemma is driving businesses out of California each day. What is their incentive to staying here? Higher taxes? Why are you in effect charging them for being a producer and being the wheels of our economy? Don't punish your industries that were keeping California afloat. This golden state has lost its glimmer and is now has a credit score that rivals Louisiana.

My resolution is simple. Ask yourself, what would Dagny do? If you cannot answer that question you are in no position to be representing me and most of my peers. There is some time though. Do your research and you will be able to figure it out. If you can't, you can count on losing two more taxpayers who will take their business and personal incomes elsewhere.

Yours truly,
Dagny's messenger

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