Sunday, February 1, 2009


Confession: Until 2008 I had never actually watched a football game.

I had certainly been to about 50 in the course of my high school years, and on the field, but of course that was all about socializing and getting Scott to notice me.

Well, my coworker has been a Super Steelers fan for her entire life, and on her birthday back in October, you can guess what we did-watched a Steelers game on a Sunday afternoon. I put my own gameface on and took one for the (my) team and grinned and bared it. As much as I like her, it was rather boring. And other contributing factors did not help: sun, smoke--I was an unhappy camper.

Fastforward four months and those Steelers are on their way to the Superbowl. She has been pumped, and I have never had more water cooler conversation about football in my life. I even learned the QBs name and other random facts.

My BFF and her fiancee had Scott and I over this afternoon for the big game and I am SHOCKED to admit that even she and I watched the entire thing, and had FUN! I could not believe it. I don't watch football! Admittedly, there were some slow moments, I hate that stop and go nature of it still, but it was rather entertaining. It was an afternoon well spent.

Maybe I'll do it again next promises though.


CLI said...

Definitely who you're with plays a huge factor! :) Glad you had fun.

I was merely present at Renee's Superbowl Party for the food and Jennifer Hudson's well sung but fabulous performance of the National Anthem.

Erin said...

Jennifer sounded BEAUTIFUL. It gave me chills, she is a gifted one!