Monday, February 2, 2009

Facebook Meets Blog

1. I don't like to peel my own oranges. It takes too long and is so messy. I am a bit of a diva when it comes to that and wish someone would just do it for me.

2. I enjoy blogging but I realize I only blog about things that annoy me and people that do not fit into what I believe to be the right way to act. Could you have spurred a blog?!?!?

3. I am very happy with my life. I love my family (both Craton and Haselton) and feel very blessed to have the friends that I do. They all bring something special to my life and i would not be the same without them.

4. If I could use Nutella as lotion I would.

5. Scott and I make a great Beer Pong team, so bring it.

6. I just bit into a fresh pear (ie non canned variety) for the first time in 2008. Weird I know.

7. I overuse exclamation points in emails because I get worried about tone. Happy faces in my professional world are also excessively used. Something I am trying to work out. Periods. Are. Ok.

8. If I am mad at you, I won't look you in the eye.

9. I fantasize about traveling a good 4-5 days a week. Mexico, Italy, and San Francisco are the usual locations.

10. Dancing used to be such a big part of my life and I miss it. Sometimes when the gym is completely empty I do grand jetes, pirouettes, and shenes.

11. I have never had a cavity, and I am quite humbled that my dentist has used my molds and x-rays as examples to patients.

12. When people ask me about my professional goals, I am always trumped. Truly, I just think about being happy in doing something I like 40+ hours a week. This includes being a mom someday, and that is 24/7, so best like that line of work.

13. I can't eat waffles without peanut butter. My dad always made them for me that way so a waffle is just naked to me sans pb.

14. I love fashion but am not crazy about shopping.

15. I could sustain on bread, cheese, and wine alone. Thus, living in France or Italy should never be a problem.

16. I wish I better understood what Scott did for a living.

17. I wish I were more informed with worldly issues.

18. I have been reading since before I was two years old. I could never get enough books. I even read the cereal box and ingredients before school.

19. My imagination still gets the best of me.

20. In situations when I don't know what to say I just echo myself.

21. Kerri, my bf, impresses me so much with her dedication to school and her desire to succeed and learn. I am so proud of her.

22. If this were a list of top 5 grievances, hovering and looking over my shoulder would be one or two, closely followed by butting into conversations. Never do it, it's gd annoying.

23. I feel sorrier for homeless pets than I do people (not children, but grown adults.)

24. I love fresh flowers from the Farmers Market.

25. I am determined to recreate the best martini I ever had in Boston, at the Last Hurrah bar. Going? look for something that is basil-infused, and thank me later!

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