Friday, May 2, 2008

Tableau Tops

I think every bride has something that they just get hung up on. For some it might be the dress, a photographer, or maybe that perfect cake flavor. For me, it is the flowers and their relationship with the centerpieces.

Ultimately, I chose the winery as our location because a brushed-iron candelabra actually comes in the package, and its very pretty. However, I do need to add some color to the mix, and utilize the linens too.

So, not being a floral designer I am trying to visualize what it will look nice, tie in with the look of the candelabra, and hopefully cost about $.05 a pop...I know, idealistic right?

So these are my thoughts:

The wedding has taken on a bit of a whimsical theme, at least in my brain. Even though it's at a winery, I think with the color choice and flowers I generally enjoy, the element of whimsy is prevailing. Thus, I thought about getting faux gerbera daises and weaving their (wired) stems around the candelabra--thereby adding a pop of color. The table linens would be a satiny aqua, and the napkins ivory. With the candelabra adorned with the red flowers, I think that could be an unexpected use of florals (and $$$ saved since they would be faux) and really add to the whimsy feel.
Unknown at this time. Suggestions welcome. Remember $0.05 people!!!

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K.L. said...

I think that's a great idea. Funny how all the small things we usually overlook become such a priority later on in our lives. Whatever you choose, I'm sure will be great.

I'm still so excited for you!!!