Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day

This was quite a day, so please bear with the double post.

Finally a Member!
I could list many reasons as to why I am marrying The Boy, and probably categorize them at that same time, as there are so many. However, there is one, that would most certainly make it into the "miscellaneous" file. This particular reason is one that I have waited many long years for, forever in anticipation, and actually think he held off on proposing just to make me squirm.

As a child of a banker, I never "went to the bank" with my parents to handle any business since my mom worked there. After my first job out of high school, I opened my own account at the same place The Boy had one, since I figured he liked it and I trusted his decision. Life went on, paychecks were directly deposited, and I really never visited the establishment.

Fast forward a few years and The Boy drops a bomb on me. He is leaving the bovine institution. It felt like he was breaking up with me. And no, I am truly not being overdramatic--it was something that linked us and he was severing that sacred financial tie with me. I hemmed and hawed and he went forward to the exclusive, VIP, academics-by-blood-only place. Well shoot, I thought. The only relative I have that is a teacher is my aunt, but she's my mom's brother's wife, and those workers at the academic institution wouldn't take it. I was crushed. However, those worker bees made such an impression upon me. They were so kind hearted, and I think they felt bad that I couldn't join their exclusive club. I knew the only thing I could do was wait until The Boy and decided to make an honest woman of me.

Well friends, today was that joyous day. First of all, it was his graduation from Cal State's awesome university in the LBC! I am so proud. I took a half day from work to be there, and we had some extra time, so I thought, Erin-this is your moment! You have waited so long-let's get an account at the credit union! The Boy obliged, and off we went, camera in tow. The people in there are always so wonderful when you walk in. I have witnessed it when The Boy has taken out a car loan, has made any deposits and withdrawals, and they even helped me out while he was in Africa, as I needed to do some transactions for him and I did not share his name. My BFF and countless other friends I know absolutely rave about their customer service, and I just couldn't wait to be a customer.

The associate that helped us out was very sweet and indulged me in my exciting day. Truthfully I thought they may give me a "welcome to the credit union" certificate or something, but I did receive a non-noodle handshake so that was good enough for me.

So friends, in the next 4-6 business days I will receive my official card for my official account there, and after The Boy and I wed in September, I will be eligible to move my account from the bovine farm right on over! Dorky as it was, I am so glad he acceded me this small pleasure :)

Pomp & Circumstance
And lest we forget, The Boy's graduation! He walked with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science-Computer Engineering. I couldn't be more proud of my best friend and fiance. He has worked so unbelievable hard for this and put up with more imbecilic "professors" I am surprised he still has any wits about him. Way to go babe!

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