Friday, January 26, 2018


As January inches closer to February, I want to be sure to recap our activities before either I forget or iPhone shouts at me to add more storage.

We had another overnight dusting of snow mid-month and it really doesn't take much white stuff to excite these two.

We've also revisited the Natural History Museum since Jo has been able to walk, which is an entirely new experience. We went through the butterfly garden and she had to be stopped from grabbing/slapping/stepping on all of them-generally frowned upon behavior. Henry is still an eager participant in all tarantula feedings.

We made our way across the John Phillip Sousa bridge to check out the Anacostia Park Playground after the snow melted. Henry loves a good river to throw sticks into and playground with fireman's pole, so win win for him.

Most of my adventuring ideas come from the blog KidFriendlyDC, and the author suggested a visit to River Farm. The temperatures were right and so we made our way to Alexandria, quite close to Mount Vernon, to check out the farm. It wasn't a barnyard animal type farm but more expansive gardens and lawns. It's also the headquarters for the American Horticulture Society. 

They have an awesome children's area with pirate ship, forts, playhouses, and general romping and exploring area. And another river (Potomac this time) for Henry to throw sticks into.

I of course attended the Women's March again this year and was blown away by the participation. It wasn't as large as last year (guessing because DC was not the headquarters), but that being said, I was also able to make my way up to the Lincoln Memorial and look out across the expanse of men, women, and children and frozen reflecting pool. It was a pretty amazing feeling to hear the empowering speeches from men and women, and watch from the steps that carry so much history.

We also made another visit this week to the National Building Museum. If anyone ever reads this and comes to DC with kids, I highly recommend. It's not a Smithsonian so there is an admission fee, but it's a great hands-on museum for kids, has interesting exhibits for adults, and a beautiful atrium for running around. Like the Natural History, it was the first time we've been back since Josephine could walk so it was great to see her able to enjoy it as well.

We've also had some mellow days at and around the house-perfecting our BMX-riding prep, storytime at our favorite book store, and pre-bedtime silliness :)

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