Thursday, April 4, 2013

TJ's Womp Womp

Well Trader Joe's, strike three in the bread department. I've lost track of the count of times I've purchased bread, rolls, English muffins, bagels, and tortillas that have gone moldy in no less than two days. And, this is dating back to the days when we lived in Irvine and it was convenient for me to return the product (but honestly, not THAT convenient because Irvine is the land of no left hand turns so it still took twice as long.)

There is no Trader Joe's in my city. I drive nearly five miles (!!) to Brea or coordinate my shopping to align with the stores in Orange, and even Costa Mesa to stock up on everything else I enjoy there. Any remaining Catholic guilt I possess eats me up as it relates to my job and spending my money outside of my city.

So Trader Joe's, what's the deal with the moldy bread? Is it so fresh that an entire artisan French loaf must be consumed in a day? I surely can do this with a wedge of brie for breakfast, lunch and dinner but then I wouldn't have room for the peanut butter English muffins. I should note I always grab from the back of the bin too.

This won't stop my shopping habits but it does throw a wrench in my stocking of the bread. Do I freeze it and defrost it as needed? That's time consuming; like most Americans I like instant gratification and not extra steps just to make panini.

Am I alone in this first world problem?

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John2 said...

Just a thought, but we usually get Udi's Gluten Free bread. It is is the freezer section and we keep it in the freezer. Every time we use it we throw it in the toaster straight from the freezer. I've actually come to prefer toasted bread now. I know it's and extra step, but not too much extra. Plus that's the only Gluten free bread that tastes like bread.