Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dollar Tree Christmas

Our neighbor held a Christmas party last night (note-more parties should occur Monday nights as it makes the day entirely more bearable) and the gift exchange consisted of five individual gifts purchased from the Dollar Tree or $.99 Store, that everyone randomly selected from.

This was pretty dang fun to shop for, though I'll kick myself of not getting photos of my purchases. Anyway, some lucky people walked away with:
  • REO Speedwagon's latest (not greatest) hits album
  • A "previously enjoyed" movie from 2007 starring Neve Campbell, touted as Waitress meets Devil Wears Prada. That sounds generous.
  • A $1 version of Jennifer Lopez' Glow perfume
  • An Angels Baseball garden gnome which I actually re-gifted. Kept the original 2013 kitties calendar for my office.
  • Serena Williams autobiography (which the check out girl asked me to "let her know how it was.") Mmmkay.
My treasures included a cooling sweatband, Vienna sausages, magic football that reveals itself as a towel in water, a stained oven mitt with Arabic words, and Fuze iced tea that I promptly switched for a most coveted Bump It.
Happy Christmas!

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