Friday, August 3, 2012

Post Script on Spinning

Last night I survived my first cycling class. I've been pretty much against it, like forever, because I'm not particularly interested in riding long distances due to the derriere discomfort, and well, sweating profusely. I've seen the people exiting that room. Must be the new wave in fitness, underwater cycling.

Apparently I'm on a streak of trying new things since golf, so yesterday was the day. I picked a class that a drill sergeant but favored teacher of mine was instructing, knowing she'd probably yell at me while I strived to be the star pupil on day one. I arrived early and chatted with some other women about their experiences. They love it-I get it, most people do. I still wasn't convinced, but I made myself promise to stay the entire duration of the class sohelpmeJesus.

Turns out I still don't like cycling, granted it was only one excruciatingly long hour. But doesn't it always feel longer the first time when you don't know how long its supposed to last? Also turns out I'm rather awkward on a bike. It shouldn't be that difficult, but somehow it is.

I tried to distract myself from watching the clock by counting 8's in the music looking for the endings of songs. Then I looked to my left and saw the guy next to me had a puddle, a PUDDLE beneath him and a river of water rushing down to it. Underwater cycler emerges from the pool.

Thus, in conclusion, 12 hours later, my derriere is most certainly in pain but apparently "you get used to it" (direct quotes from new cycling friend). I suppose muscle soreness occurs after all of the other classes I do, but none quite like this in that location. The calorie burn was amazing but then again I did go home and have a Sprinkles red velvet cupcake that was gifted to me earlier in the day. Couldn't let that go to waste.

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Mrs. ummmmmm......Brownell said...

I HATE cycling classes with a passion. I can't do the standing up part (stupid knee), the the teacher always looks at me like I'm lazy. I had a friend that loves it and would always drag me along. I would go to the bathroom and get water like 3 times just to help pass the hour!