Monday, January 16, 2012

The birthday

The birthday came, lingered, and went. A good one it was.

We had cupcakes and cake balls complete with song at work.

That night, Scott took me to a restaurant we've heard rave reviews about but had not tried-Il Garage at Park Ave. The Italian bistro portion of the restaurant-the garage- is in the garden where the chef sources his menu from- a menu that changes 25% each day. We'll definitely return.

The big trip for the bday consisted of a trip to the Huntington Library. An amazing place that one visit will never do justice.
The Blue boy...and Scott.

A path in the rose garden.

Mona Lisa Anemone.

She spoke to me. I don't recall the artist other than he was an American and amateur-which partly explains the oddness of the woman to me.

Magnolia trees.

Cactus garden...straight out of Dr. Seuss.

Massive fireplace in the Huntington's dining room accompanied by the original George W.

Thanks to Yelp, we had lunch at Roma Italian Grocery and Deli, which was delicious and a diamond in the rough of a strip mall. If you find yourself in Pasadena and craving a sandwich, by all means, go there. The little Italian man serving up The Sandwich-yes, there's only one-may offer you 10 year old cheese to sample. If he doesn't, by all means inquire-the people behind you won't mind you holding up the line. 1o year old provolone-ZOMG.

That night Rob and Kerri came up for dinner-Scott's famous steak, Brussels sprouts and aperitifs at the Twisted Vine. We wined, dined, and talked a little shop for the planning of my 10 year high school reunion. And Krob even me this awesome succulent planter.

Sunday night my parents, grandma, sister, her boyfriend and my in-laws celebrated at our local pizzeria. It was a birthday weekend well spent and I thank everyone who made it as special as it was, from the cards, texts, phone calls, emails and Facebook messages-cheers!

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