Sunday, May 1, 2011

Foodie First-Timer: Artichokes

I've loved artichokes since the day they were introduced to me at our family friends' John and Shannon's home, when I was about 12. It was important date because Shannon took the opportunity to tell me one eyebrow was significantly shorter than the other thanks to my overzealous plucking. She told it like it was, and after a painfully long month or so, I had quasi-even eyebrows again. I say quasi because I think they are still more fraternal than identical.

Anyway, back to artichokes. It was my first experience eating these vegetables-leaves, heart, and copious amounts of butter and there was no turning back. I requested my mom make these for my next birthday, though I was the only one to enjoy them-not many other 13 year olds know what to make of the spiky vegetable.

Artichokes (the non-canned variety, specifically) and I experienced a period of absence until recently-last week specifically. I had not ventured into cooking them on my own and really admired their place in the kitchen more as a decorative center piece than meal accompaniment. My favorite magazine Real Simple, had a great spread dissecting the 'choke:

I purchased two artichokes at the farmer's market and then stopped by my favorite store in the world to get a steamer basket which I'm sure will prove itself useful in the long run.

The article suggested rubbing lemon wedges directly on the artichoke and including them in the steamer basket as well. Made for an enhanced flavor when done.

In an effort to not be a total cow, I opted for one of the recipes suggested in the magazine for the dipping sauce-a Dijon vinaigrette. Overall, pretty tasty.

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CristalD said...

I haven't made them in forever! I might though, I like the idea of steaming with lemon. Yummy!