Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fancy Supper

I love trying new recipes and now that we have a DVR again I can soak up all the Giada and Ina for inspiration.

Most recently, Ms. DeLaurentiis took a traditional dish and gave it a new twist:

Mini Lasagna with Corn and, YUM!

I made these on Tuesday night for Scott and I with another innovative recipe of hers, Brussels Sprouts Leaf Salad. (Both of which will likely make an appearance at the annual Cousin Christmas Party this year. Thank goodness for the cousins, we gave it a test drive. Two thumbs WAY up.)

Giada's recipe calls for making the lasagna in small ramekins:

...So when removed, look like presents on the plate:
So, I have to say yes the recipe is easy as Giada claims, BUT the prep time is about 40 minutes unless you move like a Cordon Blue-trained chef, which I do not. After baking another 40 minutes, it's definitely a special meal, but I would probably only make it again on a weekend or for entertaining...or a Veterans Day for the newest mom and dad in my life.

I also added sauteed mushrooms for some added heartiness in a few layers, and made the meal in a to-go pan for the new parents and it worked just fine.


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