Friday, October 1, 2010

Freaky Friday

1. We miss our cat dearly. Atticus brought the Cajun to our salt and pepper spice rack. His personality is already missed around our house.

2. This has been the weirdest week for weather in Orange County. Monday was the hottest day of the year at a record-breaking 112 degrees. There are people who choose to live in the desert and welcome that climate, I however, do not. It felt like the child of Death Valley and Las Vegas. Now, here we are on Friday, where the same city that hit 112 degrees was the center of a crazy thunder and lightening storm. My office lost power for about an hour and half. Lightning touched down in several places, including a palm tree a few blocks away.

3. I titled this post "Freaky Friday" because it's the first of October, been a weird week, and even this girl has been in the news. Girl, get it together.

Hopefully good things are in store this weekend. Like my washing machine and dryer saga can come to an end. That will be a post all on its own.

1 comment:

Twinkle Toes said...

we may choose it that climate but AC is automatic, not an option.
-may the fabulous soon take over the freaky.