Sunday, August 6, 2017

Weekend Recap

This weekend was beautiful-temps in the low 80s, reasonable levels of humidity-the kind of day you want to be outdoors at all hours to soak it up.

Accordingly, we made our way down to the Tidal Basin so that Henry and I could finally enjoy a spin on the pedal boats. Sadly, our dreams were crushed because the weather was too windy to allow anyone on the water. Womp womp. We moved into plan b action, which was a narwhal exhibit at the Natural History Museum (yes, you read that correctly!) however upon arriving, the lines, lines, lines! (Yes, I have some Eric Cartman in me. Also, you bet your bottom dollar we will attempt that again during the week.) So, onto plan c-we wandered into the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Pavillion and enjoyed the large pieces of modern art and fountains. We hadn't been before and it was a great way to spend some time outside.

Josephine had fallen asleep by the time we reached the garden and fountains, so enjoy her 9 month photo!

Sunday dawned another beautiful day and I was hell bent on getting onto those pedal boats on this glorious weekend, so Henry and I bid adieu to Scott and Josephine, and went for round two on a pretty windless morning. I know how much he values the one-on-one time and he really couldn't contain his excitement about the boats, especially on the heels of yesterday's disappointment. He kept saying, "I'm so excited Mom! It's a beautiful day for pedal boating!" (Most of his days begin "It's a beautiful day for {riding bikes, playing baseball, visiting the Air and Space Museum...}  It's pretty cute.)
I was prepared to do most if not all the work, but Henry actually did a fair amount of pedaling, though it required some inventive poses so he could reach the wheels. Then he'd alternate steering because at 44" you just can't do it all ;)

We pedaled throughout the center of the Tidal Basin, which was enough for me because my thighs were burning just getting out of the pedal boat parking lot. I had hopes of going over towards the MLK Memorial but seeing the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument turned out to be just fine. We saw three Marine helicopters fly over and numerous planes taking off from Reagan International. It was a little boy's delight.

We've walked the Tidal Basin a handful of times but this was really a memorable way to take in the views and sights on a pretty perfect day with a boy who deserved some focused time. I'm so glad I get to be his mom.

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